Personal Innovations: Spreadsheets Linked to Cut Sheets

Spreadsheets are one of our most used and highly valued tools. Every piece of information we need on orders is input into these sheets. Unfortunately, in the original system this same information had to be entered by hand into the cut sheets as well. This process was not only time consuming but had a large margin for error as updates were entered.

I designed this tool to alleviate these issues and asked a programmer to facilitate on this project. The cut sheet is linked to the spreadsheet so that as information is entered the designer can simply go to the appropriate cut sheet tab, enter the row number the item belongs to, and the information is linked automatically. If there is an item which requires additional information such as upholstery or a base, these items are added in sections below the main piece. The designer then simply prints the cut sheet and attaches the images or fabrics as required. This significantly reduces the time needed to assemble an FF&E book since the information doesn’t have to be entered in two different places and saved individually. This also limits the margin for error; if the designer is diligent in checking accuracy while entering data into the spreadsheet, the cut sheets will be accurate. This tool, especially on large jobs, has the potential to save many hours of designer time.