Personal Innovations: Timesheets with Weekly Job Totals

Many projects need to have the designers hours tracked very carefully; budgets can be drained at an amazing rate if several designers are working on the same project at once in a given week. Plan of Actions are updated weekly but only into the previous week’s hours.

Once the linked spreadsheets were introduced, it was a small step to linked timesheets. Each job was given a code which would be referenced on tab with all jobs that designer happened to be working on. It also included any other items the designer wished to track such as vendor lunches and time off. This provided a real-time total of each project in each designer’s timesheet. Now, instead of adding up all designer’s time slots for a given project (which are tracked in 15 minute increments) anyone can open the designer’s totals page and add that to any other designer who may have worked on the project. This has the potential to save a lot of time and, on smaller projects which may be calculated in weeks rather than months, be invaluable when daily assessments of the budget remaining is necessary.