Projects: Site Assessment

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In depth and to the point, the Assessment project was a study of an existing building which concluded in Mosaic’s suggestions for improvements.  The initial meeting, held at the site, included facility directors as well as Mosaic staff who, together, concluded what the company’s driving factors were.  The group then looked at the existing layout and categorized problem areas as well as possibilities for improvement.  This information was then used to create the new plan, which was presented along with the financial assessment of the space.  This assessment included demolition costs, new materials, construction, finishes and furnishings. 

To assist in this, a full spreadsheet of all spaces was put together.  These were then broken out into room by room cost analysis sheets which allow the client to prioritize which areas they would improve first if the budget does not allow all areas to be upgraded simultaneously.  The final sheet allows the client to view the project at a glance and see the bottom line for each of the areas and the project as a whole.  Although there are several other methods utilized in this project, these are the main focus of the presentation to the client.